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Flower Design, Uncategorized / February 17, 2017

The wedding budget

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The wedding budget
Do you think that the wedding planner services are reserved only to big budget events?
Do you believe that, due to your limited budget, your wedding doesn’t need the support of a professional wedding planner?

I can reassure you: the wedding planner service can be tailor made based on the type of wedding and on your disposals.
The advantage of having a wedding planner that guides you step by step through the organization of your wedding is that you’ll be able to trust a professional that will advise you on the decisions you’ll decide to share: from the supplier selection to the location, from the ceremony dress atelier to the floral arrangements.
Do you need some real life examples? You are deeply in love with a location, but did you noticed that there are no seats?  Maybe not, as you were already dreaming of  the wedding day and figuring the beautiful sensations of the event. If you choose a cute and romantic little church on the top of a hill, where there are no seats but only faldstool , you’ll have to pay for the church seats rent. Did you calculate also the costs for the transportation of the church and also of the flower decorations?
The choices made with your “stomach” or your “heart” will have to be assisted anyway also by your “head”.  I am at your service to assist and advise you: with heart, with stomach and for sure also with the head! Nothing shall be left to chance.
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