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A down-to-earth dreamer: that's how I could describe myself. As a wedding planner, I have 250 accomplished weddings on my back. And so many more ahead of me, all yet to be imagined. And ``imagination`` is really a key word for me, a creative at heart with a mission in mind: turning dreams into reality, infusing the weddings I organize with the atmosphere of a love story that is always different, always unique in its own way. Before I was able to get to do what I feel today is my true calling, my path has been long and multi-faceted: a job as a high-profile junior account in the music events industry during my studies at IULM University in Milan, and then the transition to the beauty world in the role of sales analyst and buyer, positions that sharpened the practical and determined side of my personality. With my budget management skills and my vivid creativity, in 2009 I finally felt ready to launch my own agency, first in Bologna and then in Florence in 2014, operating in the territories of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. Since then, I have been putting my creative and problem-solving skills at the service of the bride and groom-to-be on a daily basis, working with them as a true team toward one single goal: a wedding that matches their dreams, never predictable nor impersonal, planned down to the last detail. Supporting me with my job is Aurora, a young and motivated wedding planner who shares my attention to detail and enthusiastically supports me throughout each new project. Together with the couples who choose us, we carefully select the right location, help with the selection of suppliers and decorations, infusing all our accuracy and passion for wedding design into every little big detail. Regardless of your style and preferences, my goal will be to make sure that your wedding unfolds to perfection. A combination of imagination and reality, dream and concreteness, to see you glowing with joy on your most magical day.


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