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Via Marsala, 36 – 40126 Bologna
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After the course of Pubblic Relations and Advertising at the IULM (Milan) and the course of Interior Design, I started to work for an important company that organize large events. I was in charge of the FIAT and Lapo Elkann events before he became more famous for the various gossips! After this exciting experience I did enter the amazing world of Estee Lauder luxury cosmetics: I was in charge of the sales development of the brand and I was managing the global budget dedicated to Italy… a “Devil wears Prada” experience. As in the movie, my private life and the love for my region of origin drove me back to Emilia Romagna. I remained in the Beauty industry and I worked as a luxury cosmetics buyer… again numbers and budget analysis.

I slowly realized that I was not chasing my dream.

Guess which? Do everything possible to realize your dream.  My deepest dream is to enthuse, create unique events for couples in love.

With this ambition since 2009 I did take courses of proficiency  as:

- Wedding planner

- Flower design

- Mise en place/ art de la table

In 2014 I won the award of “Best  Staging” in the Bologna edition of “Si Sposa” .

In the past years I’ve been the consultant for the luxury resorts Palazzo di Varignana and Hotel Portici in Bologna, awarder with a Michelin star.

Recently I did start several partnerships with professional in art de table, wedding photographers, sound designers and wedding ateliers.

To rely on Marilena Zambelli Wedding Planner to fashion  your wedding means to have the warranty of a perfect event in every  smallest detail.


“Un’ottima impressione”

Matrimonio a Sasso Marconi, Emilia Romagna
Villa Quiete di Mezzana
Leggi tutto “Annamaria & Cristian”

“La favola che sognavamo”

Matrimonio a Bologna, Emilia Romagna
Palazzo di Varignana
Leggi tutto “Camilla & Mirko”

“Mai scelta fu più azzeccata!!!”

Matrimonio a Bologna, Emilia Romagna
Palazzo di VarignanaLeggi tutto “Loredana & Gianfranco”

“Non sapremo mai come ringraziarti”

Matrimonio a Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna
Borgo Le Viole
Leggi tutto “Ivan & Valentina”